Admitting Your Child Into Preschool: What Mistakes Are You Making?

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When your child reaches the age of preschool, you will probably begin to hear questions of when they will begin their schooling, and more importantly, where they will be attending. Kindergarten has gained a reputation as a preparatory space for children, helping them transition into the school environment and ensuring they succeed in school activities, both curricular and extra-curricular. As a result, you will probably hear a lot of comments along the lines of ‘the best kindergarten in the area’, but the truth is that this statement is a hollow one. There is no one school (and preschool as such) that can cater to every student: every individual has a different personality and different needs, and as a result, the status of best school will differ for everyone. That being said, you can still find the best kindergarten – for your child that is. 

To find the best kindergarten in Bangkok for your child, you first need to carefully consider what your expectations are: for example, is the distance to the school an important factor? A preschool that is close to either your home or workplace is helpful to both you (during emergencies) and your child (he or she does not have to travel far), and it can help your child find friends in the neighbourhood who he or she can play with. Similarly, what type of kindergarten are you aiming for? If your child is gifted and can already read and write, it might make sense to aim for a private kindergarten that focuses on academic competitiveness (especially if your child enjoys competition). On the other hand, for kids just starting out, a public kindergarten that has individual and holistic approaches might be a better idea. Likewise, they are so many points of contention you need to focus on before you make a pick. 

It is also worthwhile to consider the competition for admissions in your region. For example, the early years schools in Bangkok will naturally have a higher competition for entry than say, other kindergartens in smaller towns and the countryside. The schools with the most demand – and which are often private – will likely have some form of admission, such as an IQ test. Keep in mind that these schools also offer generous scholarships, so it might well worth be a shot to try them out. However, in case you do plan to have your child sit an admission exam, it would be recommended to sit down with them and teach them how to answer, practice questions, etc. as opposed to simply expecting them to do everything on their own. 

Finally, also keep in mind that you should consider the feelings of your child when making a decision: the reaching of schooling age comes with more independence, and you allow them to take part in the decision to some extent. 

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